MCT466 QuikCheck
  Guardian SFS
Leading Applications:
•• Hot Melt & Film Thickness
• Wet End Water Based Coat Weight
• Dry End Organic Coat Weight
• Exit and Inlet Dryer Moisture
• Re-Moisturizers (LAS, Steam Curtains and Water Decks)
Measure Coatings and Moisture on:

• Paper
• Film
• Foil
• Metal
• Textiles
• Non-Woven
• Extrusions
• Foam
• Tags
• Tapes
• Labels
• Release Liners
• Packaging Materials
• Narrow Webs
• Coatings
• Laminations
• Other Substrates




Moisture • Coat Weight • Thickness • Web Temperature


• Maintain Uniform Web Profile
• Reduce Edge Curl and Lay Flat Issues
• Improve Quality Assurance and Control

Edge curl and lay flat issues are a problem in the label and converting industry. Uneven moisture stratification can cause shrinkage or expansion of cellulose fibers. Curled stock is a problem for printing and packaging. Coatings can also get thinner or thicker at the edges. A NIR transmitter cross directional web profile greatly helps to reduce curl or coating issues and improve process control operation.

Benefits of Near Infrared Technology

• Accurate, Fast, Reliable & Low Maintenance
• No Government Regulations
• Easy Calibration, Operation & Standardization
• Best Return On Investment

The Near Infrared (NIR) Operating Principle

The MCT transmitter shines NIR light wavelengths, selected specifically by PSC, for the measurement and application being performed, typically 1.94? for moisture or water based coatings and 2.34? for hydrocarbon depositions or film thickness. The NIR light is then directed onto the product being measured, normally a moving web and measures the returned energy to provide a calibrated display of percent moisture, GSM, #/ream or other engineering units. Additionally, IR web temperature can also be built into the MCT Nova Series Transmitter.


Process Sensors Guardian Web Profile Scanning Frame System  
The GUARDIAN Web Profile Scanning Frame System has proven a highly reliable tool for converters seeking an accurate Cross Direction Profile and Machine Direction Trend.  


Guardian System Features:
• Cross Direction Zoned Web Profile
• Zone, Profile and Roll Averages
• Roll Reports and Data Archiving
• Designated Lane and Machine Direction Measurements

Guardian System Components
• MCT Nova Series Near Infrared Transmitter
• Automatic Industrial Scanning Frame
• Automatic Web Edge Detection Option
• Operator Interface and PC Based Software Systems
• Alarms, Alerts, Scan Speed, Product Recipes, Diagnostics
• Wall, Console, Arm Bracket and Pedestal Housing Options
• Ethernet Communication and Analog Outputs
• Central and Local Display Options

Choose Your Nova Series Guardian

Guardian CD Web Profile System Industry Standard
The Guardian Profile System connects to a PC with a 19” Display at a Central Console. Larger displays, up to 65”, for multiple scanners and measurements, can be integrated into a single distributed system. The Guardian System can also be operated manually or via a Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Entry Level Profile System
Process Sensors Guardian Cross Direction Web Profile System can be as simple and inexpensive as an automatic scanning frame with 12” Operator Interface (OI) for profile display and controls mounted on frame end.

Simple Cross Direction Scanning System with Digital Display
This system allows for automatic scanning across web or jogging to fixed position for machine direction
measurement and display on a 5.7” touch screen with alarms, alerts and analog and digital outputs.

For full detailed specifications, please download PDF.

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